Here is a side by side comparison of a 16' x 42" pallet rack upright that we stock and a lower priced 16' x 42"  upright. Note the difference in the number of lacing channels. The stock pallet rack upright weighs 20lbs more than the other pallet rack upright. With the cost of steel this will make our pallet rack uprights a little more expensive.

Here are some other things to keep in mind as you shop for pallet rack:
1) If you buy an off brand (non-teardrop) will there be more available in the future if you want to add on?

2) Does the used pallet rack have stickers all over the face of the pallet rack beams where you may need to put labels?

3) If you are buying off length pallet rack beams (97" vs. 96") because the dealer is giving you better pricing on these, will there be more available in the future when you need to add on?

4) Who will be responsible for filing a claim if the carrier damages the pallet rack in transit?

5) Pallet rack is sometimes reclassified by the carrier to a more expensive freight class.  Will the dealer go back to the carrier to make sure they stick with the quoted freight rate?
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